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LocalGov Drupal

Building new council websites in isolation doesn’t make sense. 

Using proprietary Content Management Systems (CMS), for example, can have several downsides, including:

  • A lack of consistency across neighbouring and national councils
  • Duplicated development costs caused by a lack of collaboration
  • Vulnerabilities caused by over-reliance on individuals with relevant experience 

LocalGov Drupal is a collaborative initiative involving councils and suppliers to create an open-source web publishing platform. By following the Local Digital Declaration, councils across the UK and Ireland share code, expertise, research and resources to deliver websites that are:

  • Accessible
  • Responsive
  • User-friendly 

It’s an open source platform built to encourage cooperation across multi-disciplinary council web teams. LocalGov Drupal is not a development service but provides access to qualified suppliers or allows councils to engage with their chosen agencies. 

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Rohallion’s responsiveness and reliability made them a safe pair of hands. They were always there when we needed them, and they gave us full confidence that they’d deliver to our spec and tight timeline. We’re now working with them again on a new project.

Susannah Wintersgill

Director, Communications, Strategy and Insight

Oxfordshire County Council

6 proven benefits of LocalGov Drupal


  1. Reduce costs by up to 80% 
    Councils using LocalGov Drupal typically spend £20k to £60K on a new site compared to an average of £120K using other platforms. 


  1. Cut development time
    Shared code and collaboration means no duplication of effort and more resources for other tasks. 


  1. Quick community support
    Tap into the knowledge and expertise of the LocalGov Drupal community to find a fast resolution to any technical issues. 


  1. Long-term sustainability 
    As more councils use LocalGov Drupal, the more robust it becomes, helping to guard against the issues of unsupported legacy platforms and technical debt. 


  1. Accessibility comes as standard
    To ensure everyone can use council websites, LocalGov Drupal is WCAG 2.1 AA compliant and meets Government Digital Service (GDS) standards


  1. First-class flexibility 
    Councils maintain complete control over their websites. It’s easy to add new functionality and make content changes in-house. 

The Rohallion team differs from other providers I’ve worked with because they listen and collaborate to find the right solution, not what’s best for them. I’d highly recommend them to other councils as they already have the essential background knowledge of local government processes.

Chris McEwan

Web Development Specialist

Westmorland and Furness Council

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Why work with Rohallion?

While LocalGov Drupal has many benefits, council’s web teams often need an experienced hand to guide them through building new sites, migrating content and integrating third-party software. 

Here are six great reasons to work with us on your next LocalGov Drupal project.


  1. A supplier that walks the walk 
    Our team has over 20 years’ experience working in public sector organisations and half a century of combined expertise delivering web projects.


  2. In-depth knowledge of all things Drupal
    Our founder, Duncan Davidson, has been chairman of Drupal Scotland since 2011, and our team actively contributes to the LocalGov Drupal community. 


  1. Content migration made easy 
    Our experience moving content from legacy systems into LocalGov Drupal has freed up considerable time for council teams to focus on other things. 


  1. Effortless integration with your teams
    The team’s experience and knowledge of local government processes allow us to get up to speed quickly and pinpoint the most efficient delivery method. 


  1. Open and honest communication
    You’ll find it easy to talk to us and always on hand to discuss potential solutions, concerns and technical challenges. 


  1. Agile and responsive 
    The LocalGov Drupal experience we’ve built up over many years means we work quickly and remotely to meet your deadlines. 

The Rohallion team were brilliant to work with and their communication channels were always open. Our briefing and planning sessions were detailed, and the team were responsive to questions. There was huge expectation for us to show progress towards the end of the Digital Presence pilot project phase, and Rohallion delivered everything in just 12 days.

Rebecca Bartlett

Digital Architect and Director

Ammba Digital

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Rebecca Bartlett on working with Rohallion

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