Our Story

We are experienced Drupal developers who create positive social impact to help purpose driven organisations disseminate knowledge to their community.

As a boutique digital development agency, over the last two decades we aim to help ambitious and forward thinking organisations turn digital challenges into impactful solutions for a fairer world. We do this because we believe in the power of technology and communication to bring about positive change within all areas of society.  

By creating lasting relationships with our clients, built on clear communications and trust, we stand out from our competitors. We are designers, strategists, developers and problem-solvers ready for your challenge to create custom websites, online communities, platforms, open source digital products, applications, campaigns, and more.

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We are the digital Drupal agency supporting purpose driven organisations. We make the world that little bit better in collaboration with you.

We design and build Drupal websites, business systems and system integrations primarily for NGOs, Higher Education institutions, and public sector organisations. We also work with profit led businesses with purpose who want to make a positive dent on the world.

We believe in the power of technology and communication to bring about positive change within all areas of society. This helps us empower organisations to achieve extraordinary outcomes and go on to improve the lives of many.


Background and history

At Rohallion, we are a team of talented and experienced engineers, developers and designers who love to design and build well-designed, highly functional websites, intranets, business systems and system integrations.

We combine expertise and a passion for creative design with a desire to always surpass clients’ expectations, working principally with open source solutions like Drupal, as well as using our broad knowledge to develop Shopify, Magento and Wordpress websites.

Rohallion embodies the artisan principles of quality, individuality and attention to detail. We apply these principles not just to our clients but also to ourselves, with a tight-knit team that provides personal, focused, boutique web services.

We take the time to understand your business and the direction you want to go in so we can create the right digital design solutions for you.

Rohallion is one of a small number of specialist Drupal developers in the UK, and we’re well connected in the Drupal community; Duncan Davidson, our founder, has been chair of Drupal Scotland since 2011, and founded and manages the DrupalCamp Scotland Conference each year.

How do we work?

From start-ups to multinationals, our clients are diverse in make-up but similar in their desire for stable, secure and easily updatable websites and digital platforms. We choose the best technologies for your business needs and with two chartered engineers on our team, we can tackle the most challenging systems integration projects.





Over half of our clients have been with us for 5 years or more




years experience

Combining engineering, design, project management, all linked by open source and Drupal


repeat clients

Our clients trust us to deliver and they renew with us each year

What do we offer?

At Rohallion we work with our clients collaboratively to realise great design and user experience for websites and digital platforms. We also offer consulting, strategy building and application development. With over two decades of design experience, we can always find the best way possible to bring your vision and ideas to life. We are great believers in communication and collaboration, building strong relationships with our clients to ensure the success of each project.

How do we stand out from the crowd?

We believe in the power of people to create positive change, working with organisations that are purpose driven and believe in a better world for all. 

We are a digital agency which takes action on the things that matter via the use of technology, and Drupal development specifically, to enable organisations to scale their responses to key challenges efficiently and effectively. 

Our websites, platform, intranets and software help to reach more people, create a bigger impact and make for more positive change.

​​We work remotely to not only bring a positive work/life balance, but to deliver high quality and more focussed work by senior staff whilst benefiting from lower overheads. This enables us to deliver greater value than similar agencies.

Our small but perfectly formed agency model allows us to control our own destiny, choose the organisations we support and truly solve problems with purpose. It’s this model which allows us to do our best work, for a variety of organisations who need the most support, championing positive change over profit.

Our Vision

We believe in the power of technology and digital communication to bring about positive change within all areas of society.

Our Values

We are positive people, full of purpose and proud of the innovative digital solutions we deliver. 

Positive: We focus on solving business and social challenges that help improve the lives of others.

Purposeful: We are driven by our ongoing journey of discovery to create impact and challenge the norm.

Proud: We are genuine and honest, delivering powerful platforms to share our skills for good.

Our Mission

We use open source frameworks like Drupal to deliver impactful and effective digital solutions for our purpose driven organisations. This is handcrafted by our team of wonderful designers, strategists, developers and problem-solvers.

Photograph of painting of Violet Jacob by Henry Harris Brown

Where does the name Rohallion come from?

The inspiration for the name is twofold. Firstly, Rohallion loch is in highland Perthshire close to where the company's founder grew up. Secondly, the Scottish poet Violet Jacob (above right) wrote a poem about Rohallion which was set to music by the folk musician Jim Reid and released on his album "I Saw the Wild Geese Flee" (above left). You can read the words of the poem/song on Springthyme Records.